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Are you an Amazon shopper? Consider doing your Amazon shopping through AmazonSmile. Participation is free and simple. Just select BSCO as your organization of choice, and AmazonSmile will gift 0.5% of the purchase price of eligible products back to BSCO!


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BSCO is excited to launch ‘ALL OUT for Parks and Trails,’ a fundraising campaign to support our community’s highly-prized parks and trails.


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BSCO Public Trails

BSCO manages 23+ miles of trails that are all multi-use and multi-directional.

Info & Maps:

Multi-Seasonal Use

The majority of BSCO trails are open year-round, barring any temporary seasonal hazard closures.

= Groomed or plowed during the winter.Note: Ungroomed / plowed trails are still open & get packed down by use.

BSCO Projects

We are always looking at opportunities to increase parklands and open spaces while further developing public recreation amenities.

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More Ways to Give

Support a campaign, donate stock or explore naming & sponsorship opportunities.

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