Recreation Leagues

Welcome to the vibrant world of BSCO leagues, where sports enthusiasts unite for thrilling competitions and camaraderie!

Dive into the action with our diverse range of leagues, including the crack of the softball bat, the precision of curling stones gliding across the ice, the speed and skill of hockey, and the intense rallies on the volleyball court.

Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or a newcomer looking for fun, BSCO leagues offer a dynamic and inclusive community for all. Join us on the journey to sweat, smile, and create lasting memories with like-minded sports enthusiasts. Discover your passion, make new friends, and embrace the spirit of friendly competition at BSCO leagues!


Swing into action with BSCO Softball! Whether you’re a power hitter or just looking for a good time on the diamond, our softball league is the perfect blend of competition and camaraderie. Join a community of players who share your love for the game, as we slide into innings of fun and friendship. Grab your glove, step up to the plate, and let the good times roll at BSCO Softball – where every pitch is a chance for a home run moment!

Apply to become a league umpire for the Summer 2024 softball season by sending a letter of interest to  Please refer to the job description here for more details.

Access the 2024 Summer Softball Schedule here! 

Team Rosters and Requirements: The league requires team managers to recruit players from within the community.  Team members are required to live or work in Big Sky in the same calendar year.

  • Team fees are $700 per team.  Player fees $15/player.  The fees must be paid before a team can play.
  • Teams may consist of up to 25 players in any combination of male and female players. All players must be 18 years or older.
  • The initial team rosters are due BEFORE the first game is played. Teams may add players to the roster through July 5th.  The league will provide team managers with a complete roster for all teams thereafter.
  • All players must sign the league required liability waiver and pay a $15 player fee upon registration.  Players who have not signed the waiver may not participate in games and are considered non-roster players.
  • A player may only be a roster player on one team.
  • Team players are encouraged to have identification at the games in the event roster eligibility is questioned. A player unable to provide identification is disqualified from the game. A team may substitute for this player without penalty.  If the player is subsequently found to be a non-roster player, the team is subject to the non-roster rules below including forfeiture of the game.

Rules of Play: The Big Sky Softball League has adopted American Softball Association (ASA) rules of play unless otherwise stated in the BSCO handbook to be reviewed prior to each season.  These rules can be found at Male/Female Ratio: The ASA rules require 5 male and 5 female players to be on the filed and in the batting lineup at all times.  The Big Sky Softball League requires a minimum of 3 females to be on the field at all times and in the batting lineup.


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Gear up for fast-paced fun on the ice with BSCO 3v3 Hockey! Whether you’re a seasoned player or a newcomer, our league is all about teamwork, skill, and excitement. Join us for thrilling matches and a community that loves the game. Prior skate experience is needed, so lace up your skates and experience the camaraderie of 3v3 hockey at BSCO – where every goal is a celebration!

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Experience the thrill of BSCO Curling! Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a first-timer, join our inclusive league for a unique and friendly ice-sweeping adventure. Discover the joy of curling, forge connections, and enjoy the camaraderie at BSCO Curling – where every slide on the ice brings new excitement!

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Dig, set, spike – it’s time for BASE Volleyball League! Join us on the court for a smashing good time where every point is a celebration. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just discovering your love for the game, our volleyball league is all about the perfect blend of competition and camaraderie. Bump up your fun and make lasting connections at BASE Volleyball League – where the ball’s always in your court!

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Get ready to show off your skills on the court with BSCO Futsal! Open to all skill levels, our futsal program is the perfect blend of fast-paced action and friendly competition. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting, join us for a thrilling experience where footwork finesse meets the joy of the game. Make new friends, improve your game, and enjoy the dynamic atmosphere of BSCO Futsal – where every match is a celebration of the beautiful game!

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BSCO manages 23+ miles of trails that are all multi-use and multi-directional.

Info & Maps:

Multi-Seasonal Use

The majority of BSCO trails are open year-round, barring any temporary seasonal hazard closures.

= Groomed or plowed during the winter.Note: Ungroomed / plowed trails are still open & get packed down by use.

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We are always looking at opportunities to increase parklands and open spaces while further developing public recreation amenities.

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